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The Bread & Butter Collective was started by Jeff Heatherington and Calen McNeil, two local Victoria, BC based, independent hospitality business owners, as an organic response to both the cracks in the industry model and Covid-19 which has turned our worlds upside down. With the first meeting in the summer drawing a group of approximately 25 concerned business operators representing a cross section of the industry, we understood at that time there was a need for a collective that could work together and off each other, to help resolve ongoing and rising issues within our industry on Vancouver Island.

Not sure if we are a fit for you?

Tenets – What We Believe

Collaboration – sharing knowledge, experience, wisdom, best practices and successes for the betterment of all members.

Triple Bottom Line – sustainable levels of profit, community contribution and environmental impact.

Accountability – to self, family, business, community and alignment with collective decisions.

Excellence – commitment to running industry leading businesses, providing the best quality products, supporting local and generating memorable customer experiences.

Learning – education and resources available for members.


What's In It For Me

Access to peers whose mistakes & successes you can learn from.
Peer Support – experienced business people to bounce things off of.
Mentorship and personal accountability.
Access to otherwise proprietary materials such as manuals, systems and processes, profit and loss statements and budgets.
Keep clear on industry Best Practices.
Collaboration vs Competition – rising tide floats all boats.
Purchasing guidance, negotiation strategies and best practices.
Landlord/lease negotiation and management support.
Increase your profitability to sustainable levels.

The Dropbox of Materials

As a member, you will have access to the Bread & Butter Dropbox that is currently being populated with information that is normally considered proprietary. This will include, such items as:

-Profit & Loss/Income Statements from like businesses for you to compare your performance with.

-Sample Budgets.

-Systems, Procedures and Processes.

-HR Materials and Forms including Employee Handbooks.

-Business Plan Template and Examples

-Sample Leases with key negotiation points.

-Standard Operating Procedures – Manuals

-And more……



$100 / Year

Membership gives you access to all materials listed above including the Bread & Butter Drop Box along with access to other members, a chatroom and a quarterly newsletter. Registration is now open. Please fill out the form below to begin the registration process to becoming a member of the Bread & Butter Collective.


Please download the membership application form below, fill it out and email it to We will be in touch once we receive your application!

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